Search Engine Optimisation ~ SEO

Improving the visibility of YOUR website


Murrayfield Marketing provides help with:

  • Developing SEO strategies for your website
  • Creating SEO optimised web content
  • Researching and obtaining inbound web links
  • Identifying appropriate keywords for each webpage
  • Understanding search terms used by your prospects
  • Removing SEO barriers

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibilty of a website though SEO techniques. The higher ranked a website is, and the more frequently it appears in the search results, the more visitors it is likely to receive from the search engines users.

The various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, use crawlers to find pages on the internet, submit the web pages found to their algorithms, and determine the ranking of each website page. The crawlers look at a variety of factors when crawling a site, and the algorithms used vary from engine to engine. A number of techniques have been development to ensure that websites can be found by the search engines crawler, and ranked highly by the algorithms. Murrayfield Marketing understands many of these techniques, and have experience in helping websites rank highly on the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click advertising?

The truth of the matter is you probably need both as they have different strategies and objectives.

Initially a business relies more heavily on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, such as Google Adwords, to generate immediate website traffic and sales results, whilst developing organic SEO to provide higher search engine ranking. PPC is an immediate, possibly short term strategy, whereas SEO is a slower long term strategy.

SEO is essential however, even if you have a successful PPC campaign, as you can reduce your spend on PPC over time, and obtain even greater results from increased traffic through SEO. As soon as you stop your PPC campaign your traffic also stops! This is not the case with SEO, your investment in SEO continues to produce results, even if you leave it for a while (though not recommended!).

Murrayfield Marketing works with businesses of varying types and sizes, managing both their Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising, establishing an appropriate balanced strategy between the two, and adjusting that balance over time, to ensure business objectives are most appropriately met.

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