Know how YOU'RE performing ~ Obtain Client Feedback!

Online and Paper Surveys

Murrayfield Marketing can help you with your:
  • Survey Design
  • Survey Print
  • Survey Scanning
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Reports

for all your Client and Customer survey needs.

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Murrayfield Marketing are able to help design, develop, print, capture data, and analyse data from Client and Customer surveys, both paper based and online.

We have worked for organisations of various types and sizes, and are experienced in automated data capture, leading to cost effective feedback solutions.

If you need to know how you're performing, what your customer experiences are, or understand more fully the expectations of your client base, then give Murrayfield Marketing a call, we can discuss the best ways to obtain the feedback you need!

Murrayfield Marketing uses the most up to date technology to assist in designing and developing efficient and effective surveys, using both online systems as well as paper based solutions. We automate the data capture process, ensuring the most cost effective solution for obtaining your feedback. Our systems use OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition - machine print recognition) as well as ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition - hand print recognition), thus avoiding the costly and labourious process of manually inputting data for analysis.

Our solutions provide full data analysis and reporting, ensuring that the data collected is presented in a way that is easy to understand, and easy to take action from. Alternatively we can provide data for input into your own systems and databases.

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